Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Headset vs. Air Mi True Wireless Earphones

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Headset vs. Air Mi True Wireless Earphones

Xiaomi company is increasingly paying attention to the development of wireless headphones, which are characterized by a combination of compactness and functionality. A feature of the brand’s products is flawless sound, where the entire dynamic range is perfectly traced.

These devices include two new models, which are called the Mini Bluetooth Headset and the Air Mi True Wireless Earphones. It is worth paying attention to the incredible ease of gadgets. Just imagine that they weigh 5.8 and 4.5 grams, respectively.

Let’s compare the devices on the other parameters and see what they have in common and how they differ.

A characteristic feature of both versions is the minimum configuration, which implies the presence of three sets of ear cushions of different sizes. Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth comes with special magnetic charging, and the second review hero is placed in a special plastic container with a USB Type-C connector.

Both devices are made of environmentally friendly plastic, the surface of which is resistant to the appearance of dirt and scuffs. Fingerprints are completely invisible on the plastic, and if any contamination suddenly appears, it can be easily removed with a damp cloth. This is explained by the fact that the device conforms to the IPX4 moisture protection standard, which means that the product is protected from water jets from different directions. However, it is not necessary for these Xiaomi wireless headphones to swim in the pool or take a shower since they can not stand the full immersion in water.

Внешний вид наушников Mini Bluetooth Headset

It is necessary to pay tribute to the designers and in the matter of ergonomic devices since the headsets are designed in such a way that they are not felt at all in the auricle. For the convenience of wearing it is possible to change the ear cushions of medical silicone, which are available in three sizes: S, M and L.

There are significant differences between modifications. Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Headset is made in the shape of an elongated oval, which fits in the outer auricle, making it comfortable to wear them even in winter under the cap. To control using a mechanical button located on the front of the case.

Внешний вид наушников Air Mi True Wireless Earphones

The second hero of our review is made with an elongated leg, while the upper part is made in the form of a small metal washer. For the management of the button responds touch type.

In order to control the Xiaomi headphones, no effort is required. If you press twice, the incoming call will be accepted. If you press the headset once during playback, the musical composition will be paused. Also, devices provide the ability to reject an incoming call, activate the Bluetooth option.

Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless Earphones have their own unique features, including activation and deactivation of the noise reduction effect, for which you should hold the button with the image of the noise icon for 3 seconds. By the way, this modification can work separately, i.e. left and right earpiece separately.

The advantage of both models is that they can clearly hear the upper and middle frequencies, as well as the bass. In Mini Bluetooth, the CSR8610 processor is responsible for this, along with a 7.2 mm magnetic moving coil. There are silicon microphones that are manufactured based on MEMS technology. Among the nice bonuses is the CVC noise cancellation option, which minimizes the chance of extraneous noise while listening to music. Of course, the absolute sound suppression should not be expected, since this is still the prerogative of the overhead modifications.

Наушники Air Mi True Wireless Earphones в ушной раковине

The Air Mi True Wireless Earphones also have a 7mm speaker, a ring in which is made based on titanium and neodymium iron. It is worth noting the presence of the ACC audio coding technology, due to which the sound became more saturated than that of the first hero of our comparison. In this device, the sound volume is better distributed. If you are in a noisy place that interferes with listening to music, simply touch the icon with the image of noise on the headset – and the noise reduction option will turn on or off.

Installed lithium-polymer batteries demonstrate excellent indicators of autonomy. In standby mode, gadgets can work more than a day, and with active use – 3 hours.

Процесс зарядки гарнитуры Mini Bluetooth Headset

To replenish the charge, the Air Mi True headphones should be placed in a case, which can then be connected, for example, to an external battery or laptop via Type-C. After about an hour the capacity level will reach the desired value. The second review object is simply placed in a special magnetic cradle with a classic USB connector.

If you need a very light and affordable device that will cope well with the responsibilities of sound reproduction, then Mini Bluetooth will be a great solution. If sound quality is important, it should be perfectly clean and rich, then you should buy Air Mi True Wireless Earphones. This gadget boasts a longer battery life, as well as a more modern version of Bluetooth. Here, noise reduction technology works better, which almost completely removes extraneous noises.

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