Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 – Cheap Headphones for any kind of Music

Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 – Cheap Headphones for any kind of Music

For those who are looking for decent headphones for every day, Xiaomi Mi Piston 3 will be a worthy choice. Everything is good in the – quality, price, design. This is a classic for lovers of minimalism.

At first glance, there is nothing superfluous in them. In fact, it is – in these headphones is all the most necessary. They are firmly fixed in the ears, so they will become reliable companions for sports, as well as everyday life.

Piston has a standard design. The headset is made of metal, which by touch and appearance makes it very presentable and solid. Also, this material is resistant to various external influences, shock, scratches. Up to a plug of a mini-jack with a 3.5-millimetre connector, there is a 125 centimetres long wire, which allows you to put a player or phone in a bag and quietly listen to music without fear that the headset will jump out of your ears.

On one of the 2 headphones is a microphone remote. Thanks to it, you can answer calls and talk without holding a smartphone in your hands, which is especially convenient during movement. Also with the help of the remote, you can control the music – switch tracks, pause them.

The headset is firmly fixed in the ears, but if the standard size of the rubber liners is small or, conversely, too large, other attachments are included. This allows you to choose the optimal liner size, which will provide isolation from external sounds and allow you to more fully feel the sound of music.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

As for the sound of the headphones, you can note a good enough sound for the price offered by the manufacturer. This headset is dynamic, deep bass. You can also highlight the purity and perfection of sound. You will not hear the distortion of music, so you can enjoy your favourite tracks in their original form.

In conclusion, you can summarize by saying that these vacuum headphones are the golden mean for those who have a small budget but want quality. The headset does not claim the love of fastidious music lovers, but it is several times cheaper and better than many similar models offered by competitors. Fresh is a fresh look at familiar things but at the same time a flawless classic that will always be popular.

You can buy these headphones and other products from Xiaomi on our website. We present original and quality products from the manufacturer.

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