Xiaomi Lofree Night Lamp – Moth will be retro-pleased

Xiaomi Lofree Night Lamp – Moth will be retro-pleased

The company Xiaomi, together with the partner brand Lofree, has developed a new model of a night lamp, which is made in retro style. Its task is to illuminate a small area in order to create a cosy and homely atmosphere and feel the peace on cold winter evenings. You will learn about what the novelty is capable of and what characteristics it possesses from our review.

The night lamp of Xiaomi comes in a stylish cardboard box, decorated very effectively. Inside it is neatly packed gadget itself, instructions for its use, charging station with a cable for charging, as well as lanyard (special loop).

The model is presented in three colour variations: in red, white and turquoise. In appearance, it is made in the form of an imitation of an oil lamp, therefore it consists of two parts: a semi-transparent bulb and an opaque base. For the manufacture of the device uses a combination of ABS plastic and acrylic glass. Due to the light blackout of acrylic, it seems as if the flask was a bit smoky during operation.

Внешний вид лампы-ночника Сяоми

Inside is an elongated light element. On the side is a rotating control element designed to adjust the brightness of the glow.

Регулировка яркости на светильнике Ксиаоми

At the top of the flask is a special hole that is used for fastening the lanyard. With this mount, you can hang a Xiaomi night lamp on your arm. Lanyard is made of genuine leather, which guarantees its durability and strength.

Крепление темляка на лампе-ночнике Xiaomi

On the base, there are three rubberized legs, which provide a good grip of the device, even with a slippery surface. There is also a microphone designed to capture sounds, which will be discussed below, and a contact pad for charging. By the way, there is a micro USB connector on the side of the case, and just below it, there is a button responsible for choosing the glow mode.

When you click on the silver button located on the side panel, it becomes possible to turn on and off the Xiaomi Lofree night light. When moving left-right, the brightness is changed. The colour temperature is set at 1800K. Approximately the same colour temperature and the glow gives a real candle, so the light emitted by the gadget is very similar to the warm and soft candlelight.

Пример свечения ночного светильника Сяоми

You can also select the mode of operation: by clicking on the bottom button on the case, you can activate the continuous glow or “candle” option.

Внешний вид на лампу-ночник Ксиаоми сбоку

The second option is very interesting in that the device is able to capture sounds at a distance of up to 3 meters by means of a built-in microphone and simulate the vibrations of the flame, which occurs as if from the movement of air.

To replenish the charge, you can use the micro USB port or put the Xiaomi Lofree Lamp on the charging station. The battery capacity of 2200 mAh is fully charged after 3 hours. The capacity he has accumulated will be enough to ensure that the device is up to 20 hours.

The fact that the charging process is in progress will be indicated by the glow of a red LED.

Xiaomi company has released a great accessory that will perfectly fit into the classic interior. Due to the shape of the kerosene lamp, the device looks very impressive. Pleasantly impressive is the ability to imitate the oscillation of the candle. You should not expect that the device will be able to illuminate even a small room, because its task is different: to create a cosy atmosphere in a separate part of the room, for example, by a bed or a sofa.

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