Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor in HomeKit

Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor in HomeKit

The motion sensor comes in a small rectangular box and the whole kit looks like this compared to a standard “finger” battery.

This sensor differs from the previous version in that in addition to the presence of a motion sensor, a light sensor is also integrated into this sensor.

Connection Process

The connection procedure is approximately the same as with all devices that are controlled by the gateway from Xiaomi.

Go in the application, find the device, execute the instruction and here we go – it is ready.

After that, we restart our HomeBridge and already in our Home application we see two new sensors available: MotionSensor, LightSensor.


Adding a motion sensor to your eco-system adds two new interesting points in using your smart home:Scripting based on triggers from sensors becomes available to you.

  • Scripting based on triggers from sensors becomes available to you;
  • When using the camera and the motion sensor in the same room, you can receive notifications with pictures from your camera

Probably many of the tries stopped from using a motion sensor the fact that it would falsely react to your pets. The answer to this question is quite simple: if you position the motion sensor on the ceiling, it will not react to pets, if you position it close to the floor, it will be.

In this case, it was quite a pleasant thing, because One of the scenarios for using the sensor, which is quite often applicable in life, is sending notifications on the phone while driving when there is no one at home. According to experience, we can say that as a result, the sensor has not yet worked falsely on the cat, but on the guests who stay at our house when we (the owners) do not have a house, they work without any harm.

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