Xiaomi Aqara – HomeKit devices from future

Xiaomi Aqara – HomeKit devices from future

Aqara is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, which appeared in June 2015. Previously, all Smart devices for the Xiaomi smart home system were marked with the MI logo, but with the release of the system to the international arena, the new brand Aqara and the new production EigenStone appeared.

Aqara from the Latin “acutula”, which means Smart, ARA in Latin is a symbol of the house. Combining these words emphasizes that future homes will be smarter and smarter.

Everyone who has already managed to test the smart devices Aqara in action, appreciate the high quality and cost-effectiveness of automation solutions for smart home.

Xiaomi Smart Home entering the international market

Most Xiaomi devices were mostly made for the Chinese market. This affects the availability of a full-fledged multilingual application. Of course, we already know how to localize MiHome, but it’s not possible to translate many moments (for example, notifications).

The appearance of the Aqara is not only new smart devices, but it is also a new, official application, in which there is any full-fledged international language! This application EigenStone and Aqara, with support for management with smart-hours. Both applications are identical, possibly made for different countries.

Not so long ago, the application became available for installation on Apple devices (as well as in Google play). And this is done for a reason, the Aqara devices integrate with the Apple HomeKit smart home. Exiting the system beyond the borders of China is a huge step for the development of the system. Now you can control your smart home with the help of Siri voice assistant but for now only devices under the Aqara brand.

Let’s take a look at all the devices of this brand.

Aqara Hub Management Gateway

Шлюз управления умным домом Aqara

The long-awaited ZigBee device management gateway. Visually, the gateway is very similar to Xiaomi Gateway 2. Gateway is available with the appropriate plug connection.

Aqara Power Outlet Smart Wall Socket

Xiaomi розетка для умного дома Aqara

Wall socket is just perfect. By installing such an outlet, you can easily connect gadgets, as well as add third-party devices to your smart home scripts.

Aqara Smart Wall Light Switches

Выключатели Xiaomi aqara

There are 4 versions of switches, 2 are mounted in the wall and directly connected to the cables by analogy with conventional switches. And two versions are mounted on the wall with double-sided tape. If the former is configured directly to control the lighting, the latter can perform any functions available in the Xiaomi smart home scenarios. For example, you can duplicate switches at the beginning and end of the corridor, without pulling extra wires.

Air Conditioner Controller with Aqara Gateway Hub function

Центральный хаб Aqara

Initially, it was thought of as a controlled outlet for an air conditioner, but then it was decided to integrate the functions of the central gateway into it, this device allows you to connect all Aqara sensors into a single ecosystem (the Xiaomi gateway 2 also handles this function).

Aqara Temperature Sensor

Датчик температуры и влажности Aqara

It is difficult to imagine a house without temperature measuring instruments. And if to all this, it still shows the humidity and atmospheric pressure? Aqara temperature sensor will be useful to everyone.

Aqara Motion Sensor

Aqara датчик движения

Aqara motion sensor is placed on a swivel stand, which allows you to mount it in any place. To the sensor, you can bind the lighting control or alarm.

Aqara Smart Curtains

Умные шторы Xiaomi aqara

If you automate the house, then do it to the maximum. Automated curtains, which can be controlled from a telephone or a wireless button. Or set up a scenario in which the curtains will be closed at night, and opened in the morning? All in your hands!

Aqara B1 Wireless Motor for curtains

Беспроводной мотор Aqara B1

The second version of the Aqara Curtain B1 was decided to make a wireless one by inserting a battery that ensures operation for up to 6 months from a single charge.

Aqara Wireless Switch

Умная кнопка Aqara Xiaomi

The universal button is always useful, you can configure any action of the smart home on it. Ideally performs the role of a doorbell button or alarm activation.

Aqara Door Opening Sensor

Датчик открытия двери Xiaomi aqara

Similar to the motion sensor, it plays the role of activating the script. Alarms and lights, as well as all other devices, can be associated with scenarios with the Aqara door opening sensor.

Aqara Security Camera

Aqara камера для видеонаблюдения

The camera combines the function of the gateway.

Aqara Door Lock

Дверной замок Aqara

Smart door lock Aqara, with a fingerprint scanner. Completely abandon the keys in favor of modern technology, will help, recently announced and already available for sale, a gadget from the company Aqara. This castle lasted about a year and quickly went into the shadows, after the release of its second version.

Aqara Door Lock 2

Умный замок Aqara 2

This smart lock supports all the functions of its predecessor, but with a qualitatively redesigned design. If the first version was striking in its clumsiness, the second version looks solid and interesting. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the handle of the lock, and a button has been added in the upper part to perform the call function.

Aqara Control Cube

Интерактивный куб управления Aqara

A complete copy of the Mijia cube. Supports 6 actions and can be used in Apple HomeKit. The cube is very useful (until the moment when the voice control is fully-fledged), I personally use it to control the lighting, the TV and the volume of the sound.

Aqara Smart Lamp

Умная лампа Xiaomi Aqara

Light bulb with E27 base and ZigBee data transfer protocol. We change the usual light bulb to this one and we get a full-fledged controlled “Smart” light bulb, with the possibility of using it in automation scripts. Read more about the light bulb in the device overview.

Aqara devices are already available in sets:

Aqara комплект умного дома

There are still many devices ahead that are designed to make our lives easier and safer.

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