New Xiaomi HomeKit Camera with 2 cams

New Xiaomi HomeKit Camera with 2 cams

Xiaomi continues to make smart home owners happy with excellent and inexpensive devices, this time with the new Xiaofang Smart IP Camera.

The novelty is equipped at once with two camera modules with 210-degree lenses that allow you to simultaneously take different angles. The picture taken by them is automatically glued to a 360-degree sphere. The camera supports viewing four images in real time or scenes at the same time, which is very useful for monitoring.

Unlike other IP cameras with a pivoting mechanism, the Xiaofang Smart Camera provides a full view vertically and horizontally at any given time.

The camera has dimensions of 36x36x101 mm, equipped with a USB port for charging, a microSD slot and a screw point located at the bottom for installation on the ceiling or on a tripod. The camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi, infrared for night vision, two-way voice support, and VR.

When motion is detected, the camera records a 10-second video in Full HD quality (resolution 1024 × 2048 pixels) and sends a notification to the smartphone. During the week, the video is stored in the Mi Cloud, recording onto the microSD card is also supported. Data from the camera remains secure due to the technology of triple encryption.

Thanks to the dynamics and microphone, two-way voice communication is supported, and the gyroscope will take care that the camera does not “fill up the horizon” and choose the correct orientation of the image for viewing.

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