New Aqara G2 Smart Home Camera supports HomeKit?

New Aqara G2 Smart Home Camera supports HomeKit?

Xiaomi’s Aqara, as many probably already know, has been introducing a HomeKit support into many of its devices (especially new ones) in the last year, thanks to its own Hub. Now the new product which for now already supports HomeKit is the Aqara G2 Smart Camera.

If you are already familiar with Xiaomi, Mijia or Aqara cameras, then you know that their range is very rich in all possible designs, sizes and functionality, but still there is not a single camera with Xiaomi Homekit family support out of the box. According to reports from an unofficial source, at the start of sales Aqara G2 will not have support for Homekit, but with the release of the next update, this functionality will appear. If this really happens, then G2 promises to be the cheapest HomeKit ready camera.

This smart-assistant has excellent specifications and great functionality in security sphere. G2 will have a resolution of 1080p, can store the record made on a memory card, in a NAS, and also have regular service. A built-in motion sensor, stereo sound, the camera will also be able to replace the Aqara Hub since it will have a built-in Zigbee and will communicate with Aqara acessories (such as window/door opening sensors, thermal sensors, etc.) If all the rumours are confirmed, the G2 may become the most popular camera on the market.

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