Mi Bedside Lamp 2: New “cozy night-time” arrival

Mi Bedside Lamp 2: New “cozy night-time” arrival

The global worldwide web has live photos of the updated version of the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 from Xiaomi (which is already available in our Shop, as well as screenshots from the Home and Mi Home applications.

If you are not familiar with Mi Bedside Lamp 2, then this is an update to their previous Mi Bedside Lamp model. The updated version now includes official support for HomeKit, as well as support for Mi Home. The novelty has retained a strict design, its shape has become more streamlined and compact (140 × 140 × 200 mm).

The lamp has a more uniform glow throughout the body, the maximum brightness is 400 lumens. Mi Bedside Lamp 2 features all the features of smart lights, including the sunset and good morning modes.

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