Honeywell natural gas signaling system – Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Sensor

Honeywell natural gas signaling system – Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Sensor

Fairly tell, many of you have at least a fire extinguisher at home? And if a fire or gas leak, then a couple of seconds can beat vital. Today we’re talking about Xiaomi MiJia Honeywell Sensor, which you can buy in our Shop.

Комплект поставки датчика Газа Xiaomi

The sensor case has a round shape with a radius of 8 centimeters, and the depth of the device is 3 centimeters. On the front side, there are the logos of 2 companies: Mijia and Honeywell.

Датчик обнаружения утечки газа Mijia Honeywell

The only control button is equipped with a status indicator, which has 3 possible values, on the case there are symbols:

Вид сбоку на датчик протечки газа Xiaomi

Green – OK, yellow – attention, red – alarm!

Look at the back of the sensor:

Крышка крепления датчика газа Xiaomi

We see the cover that is needed to mount the sensor on the wall or ceiling. We rotate it counterclockwise and see an additional summary of the characteristics of the sensor and the contact pad for connecting an external exhaust system.

Тыльная сторона датчика утечки газа Xiaomi

It may be asked why there are 4 connectors? It’s simple, the sensor can be physically synchronized with the exhaust. In the event of a gas leak, contacts NO and COM will close. And T + and T- to connect the solenoid valve. More details about these types of contacts can be viewed in this video on Youtube. I’d add that I will also match the sensor with the hood, but using a controlled ZigBee outlet for this is easier.

Из чего состоит датчик утечки газа Xiaomi

To understand the principle of operation of the device, it is necessary to clarify that the purpose is to detect an increased content of natural gas (and in the overwhelming majority it consists of methane, with the addition of ethanethiol, the smell of which is felt when the gas burner is opened). This is a domestic gas that comes from the burner of your gas stove (provided that it is connected to the central gas pipeline). This gas is practically harmless to humans, but it is highly explosive (at a concentration in the air from 4.4% to 17%), therefore it is so important to detect leakage before reaching the critical concentration.

Since natural gas is lighter than air, therefore the sensor should be placed at the top of the wall, or on the ceiling. Condition – the distance from the possible source of leakage to the sensor should be from 1 to 4 meters. It is advisable to place the sensor as close as possible to the ceiling, the maximum distance is no more than 30 centimeters. And do not place the sensor directly above the gas burner.

Как устанавливать датчик газа Xiaomi Mijia

The sensor has a bottom and top, so you need to place it in accordance with the scheme, note that the power cable goes to it on the right side.

When installing, do not forget that to turn off the sensor siren, you must press a button on the device, which means that the sensor must be within reach.

Since the device uses the ZigBee protocol to communicate with the device, one of the gateways of the smart home is required to connect it. But in general, the connection is similar to other devices: go to the application > press the add device button > find the gas sensor. If there are several gateways in the system, select which one to connect to (preferably choose the closest one). And then you need to press the button on the sensor 3 times in a row.

Как подключить датчик газа Xiaomi в приложении Mi Home

After that, you can go to the device management plugin. There, as with similar types of devices, only 2 tabs, automation scripts and trigger history.

Плагин датчика утечки газа Xiaomi Mijia

Let’s look at the additional settings (the ellipsis in the upper right corner> More functions):

Дополнительные настройки датчика утечки газа Xiaomi

When the “Linkage gateway alarm” item is activated, if a gas leak is detected, the siren will also sound on the gateway.

The second item (Alarm condition) allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor:

Настройка чувствительности датчика газа Mijia

Also, in the advanced settings, there is the item “Self-check” – this is an automatic self-test device. You can configure the notification about the need for verification by activating the item “devices self-check reminder”.

At the time the alarm is triggered, a bunch of notifications will be sprinkled onto your phone (this will not work) It looks like this:

Уведомления в приложении Mi Home о тревоге датчика газа

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