Future screwdriver is already available!

Future screwdriver is already available!

Xiaomi continues to release more and more new products. Telephones, smart home devices, vehicles, even food, and clothing. It is quite obvious that they could not miss what almost every house has, namely, tools. Xiaomi has already had a successful experience in producing a set of screwdrivers under the Wiha-Mijia brand and an electric Wowstick.

And this week, on the Crowdfunding platform, they announced a Wiha universal screwdriver with 26 different nozzles which you can already buy in our Shop!

Probably you already know that the company Xiaomi often promotes products of other brands. These include Philips lamps, Oclean toothbrushes, etc. It is worth noting that usually, these products are of quite good quality.

The German company Wiha – has long established itself as a manufacturer of quality tools. For sure the cooperation between the two companies will continue, the assortment list will expand.

Отвертка Mijia

Xiaomi does not work with this manufacturer for the first time; last year, the Mijia-Wiha kit was released to perform minor works.

Набор отверток Mijia Wiha

Xiaomi Precision Wiha 26-in-1 Specifications

Brand Wiha
Sizes 240 мм. x 37 мм. x 37 мм.
Weight 200 гр.
Bit Material Chrome vanadium steel
Grip material Two-piece Soft finish with anti-roll protection

All bits are neatly stored in a retractable case located in the handle:

Отвертка Xiaomi wiha

When the button is pressed, the spring automatically pushes the built-in case. Very good design solution, since the bits are always at hand and no additional case is required.

Another advantage is the fixed bit holder with bit fixation:

Фиксация бит Wiha Xiaomi

This fantastic screwdriver is already available in our Shop, go get it here:
Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Ratcheting Screwdriver

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