CES 2019: New devices with a HomeKit Support

CES 2019: New devices with a HomeKit Support

The CES 2019 exhibition has just started, and we have already received a large number of new products with HomeKit support.

We’ve inserted links to already available products and categories from our Shop to make it easy for you to buy pretty similar products while awaiting for new arrivals.

Honeywell’s smart thermostat and a human sensing sensor –

  • New thermostat design;
  • A sensor capable of recognizing a person from a distance;
  • Temperature control in any room;
  • HomeKit support until the end of 2019.

Check out Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Smoke Sensor already available in our Shop.

Airplay 2 and HomeKit support comes in many well-known brands of TVs –

  • Vizio, Samsung and LG announced support for Airplay 2 from their new model year smart TVs;
  • Sony will add Airplay support for new 4k and 8k models;
  • Now you can stream any video and audio content from Apple devices without Apple TV;
  • In HomeKit-enabled TVs, you can control the smart equipment installed in the apartment, as well as add your TV to the scripts and control it using Siri.

First Alert announced a new smoke sensor box –

  • Adding HomeKit support, in addition to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa;
  • Built-in speaker with Airplay 2 support;
  • Similarly, the 2019 model will have mesh technology for seamless wifi network expansion.

HomeKit comes to Arlo Pro and Arlo Ultra cameras

  • Arlo Ultra comes with a 4k wireless camera and Homekit-enabled hub;
  • Black and white or colour night vision modes thanks to built-in IR sensors;
  • Arlo hub will work this way from a device with Z-Wave and ZigBee support;
  • Arlo Pro and Ultra get HomeKit support this year via cloud upgrade.

Brilliant Home Control introduces HomeKit support –

  • The first Brilliant home control centre introduced at the end of 2018 will receive Homekit support this spring;
  • The following platforms and devices already support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, also Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Ring, August, Philips Hue, Sonos, and Wemo;
  • Cloud device update is scheduled for Q2 2019.

Support HomeKit smart shower “U by Moen” –

  • Already supports Amazon Alex, and will be compatible with HomeKit and Google Assistant in the spring;
  • The ability to control the shower with the help of voice – turn on / off the water, set a certain temperature, as well as the ability to use in scenarios, for example, combining the light level in the bath and background music.

Eve told about the details of the fourth generation of their smart tape, as well as the new smart socket

  • The standard tape length will be 2 meters with the possibility of increasing due to additional elements up to 10 meters;
  • 1800 lumens brightness – the brightest tape today, brighter than the Hue Strip.
  • Three sockets in the case;
  • Each is controlled by its physical button on the body;
  • Has WiFi support.

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