BroadLink Devices – Another Smart Home Family

BroadLink Devices – Another Smart Home Family

The system of Smart Home BroadLink is considered to be one of the most reliable and inexpensive. With it, you can manage almost everything that is installed in the room.

The BroadLink system allows you to organize productive use of the space of the room. BroadLink Smart Home allows you to control electrical appliances, curtains, lighting, and more. Today the cost of sockets, sensors, gadgets is available for everyone.

Smart Home BroadLink allows you to effectively use the tools. A lot of money, people pay into the empty for not being on/off lighting, heating devices, creating a comfortable climate. The system will help monitor safety and energy efficiency, automate the management of electrical appliances, customize user scenarios, depending on the preferences and needs of all residents of a house or apartment.

For maximum opportunities, ready-made kits and devices of the smart home BroadLink are designed to control:

They allow you to automate most tasks with minimal cost. If necessary, the system can always be supplemented with various sensors and instruments. It is important that there is stable access to the Internet. But some devices, such as smart sockets, can also run scripts in the absence of a network.

By installing a BroadLink remote control RM Pro, Android or iOS, your smartphone will become a powerful remote control centre. From it, you can control the TV, music centre, air conditioning, any other equipment in the house on the infrared and radio frequency 315/433. RM-Pro allows you to replace all other consoles.

If the owners are often absent at the cottage, at home, they like to travel, they travel on business trips, then they simply need an intelligent light control system. To automate lighting, you need an RM Pro remote and TC2 radio switches. With their help, you can create the effect of the presence of the owners of the house. Lighting devices in various rooms will be controlled from a smartphone via the Internet. Having created an imitation of presence, it will be possible to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons during the absence of the owners in the house.

The BroadLink RM Pro remote is small, only 11 by 11 by 3.4 cm. It consumes 1 watt. Its weight is 350 grams. It has a powerful stable signal, it allows you to back up data. The RM Pro, with its S2 alarm kit and TC2 switch, turns on the lights automatically when the door is opened. IR control distance up to 12 meters.

There is also an inexpensive model RM3 mini. With it, you can carry out the remote control, but only on the IR frequency. It has a small size compared to the RM-Pro and the price is 2 times lower, it also allows you to control the TV, lights, air conditioning and some other devices.

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When any sensor is triggered, the system will transmit a notification to the smartphone. A special controller will emit a powerful alarm sound. You can activate all sensors at the same time or only installed in distant, rarely visited rooms that overlook the street. It is easy to supplement the security system with other control devices and to configure scenarios for automatic switching on of lighting, air conditioning, boiler, heating.

If necessary, the owners of the house have the opportunity to study the data on the work of devices for past periods. When the sensors are triggered, the apartment owner will receive push notifications. The S2 kit, which works in conjunction with other BroadLink devices, allows you to customize a variety of scenarios. You need to spend 1-2 minutes.

To manage power in the smart home system, BroadLink has released many gadgets that are very different in purpose and functionality. Wi-Fi socket with power monitoring SP3S allows you to view the amount of electricity consumed and performs on / off by timer, script. This gadget will cost only $ 15.

The device is made of high-quality materials, it can withstand constant high loads and work together with a boiler, boiler, heater, iron. Turning on the water for an hour before arriving home, you can save and time to swim. If a person often forgets to turn off the iron, then such a smart outlet from BroadLink is simply vital for him.

The SC1 controller is a full-fledged relay with wireless connection via Wi-Fi. Thanks to its installation, the equipment connected to it can be turned on / off remotely from a smartphone. The device works with devices with a capacity of 2.2 kW, 10 A.

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