Aqara Temperature / Humidity / Pressure Sensor from Xiaomi

Aqara Temperature / Humidity / Pressure Sensor from Xiaomi

Today we’re talking about a
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor
which you can buy right now in our Shop.

As usual, Xiaomi supplies its products in a small rectangular box. In this case, the kit includes a fairly concise set: the sensor and instructions.

This sensor differs from the previous version in that in addition to the presence of temperature and humidity indicators, it also displays pressure.

Connection process

The connection procedure is approximately the same as with all devices that are controlled by the gateway from Xiaomi.

We go in the application, we find the device, we execute the instruction, it is ready.

We are convinced that we already have the raspberry configured, HomeBridge installed and the Aqara plugin added. All these instructions and much more can be found in our separate guide.

After this, we are restarting our HomeBridge and already in our Home application, we see two new sensors available: Humidity and Temperature.


As the information on use, we can only add that besides the fact that instead of three sensors we get only two, but also the fact that at the current moment in HomeKit there is no possibility to set scenarios based on the data from these sensors. Those. You cannot ask HomeKit to turn on the air conditioner at “such and such” temperature or turn off your humidifier at “such and such” humidity.

But at the same time (strange but still) these scenarios can be configured in a third-party application (Eve or Hesperus) and they will be displayed in the same application Home.

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