Air Humidifier: What is it and why does everyone need it?

Air Humidifier: What is it and why does everyone need it?

Let’s talk a little bit about the humidity in the house and why does everyone need it.

We all know how important it is to maintain humidity at an acceptable level (40-60%).

This issue is particularly acute in winter when cold outside air brings no more than 25% humidity to an apartment especially in cold winter climate countries, and additionally, air also dries heating, reducing humidity to 15-20%, which is dangerous for their health in an apartment with children.

Modern methods of dealing with this problem allow us to approach its solution in the most effective way – to use “smart technologies”.

Nowadays these “smart technologies” have become accessible to everyone and do not require large financial investments, as it might seem at first glance.

For example, a humidity/temperature and pressure sensor can be hung in any place in the apartment and work from one battery for 2-3 years.

You can find a variety of already available humidifiers in our Shop from a smallest to the biggest, here’s some of them:

The cheapest humidifier, the plug of which can be inserted into the “smart adapter”, will turn on and off when a certain humidity level is reached from the above-mentioned sensor.

And by adding this composition to the window opening sensor, you can turn off the humidifier so as not to humidify the outside air once more when airing the room.

At the same time, smart home technologies will not only allow you to set up such simple scenarios, but also provide opportunities for more: send a message about low humidity levels directly to your messenger, notify you about emptying the humidifier tank, and so on.

But also the use of clever technologies in a humidifier allows, on the contrary, not to make a bath out of a room and not to earn condensation on the windows from scratch and the mould formed because of this.

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